It’s good to be able to tell a story of exemplary customer service.

To back up for a minute, back in March this year I ordered from Amazon a copy of Dr Stephen Covey’s book,  The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness. I’d previously borrowed a copy from the local library and had viewed some of material on a DVD that comes with the book.

The book arrived in due course and I read it sporadically, not opening the DVD envelope at the back until a couple of weeks ago.

Uh-oh! Faulty disc. I’ll get Amazon to replace it, surely. Wrong – Amazon has a no returns after 30 days policy.

Ah, think I, FranklinCovey, Dr Covey’s bunch, will have a higher standard of customer service. Well, not to the extent of replacing the disc, as I find when I phone the Australian office: sympathy, but no free replacement disc. They have a 30 day policy too and as I bought through Amazon I would need to go back to them (but they won’t listen because of the 30 days – Catch 22), so no disc unless I pay AU$20 plus postage, getting close to what I had paid for the full book and disc from the USA. Evidently they don’t carry any spare discs for such eventuality and would have to take one out of one of the books, which they would have to pay for.

Same basic story when I email FranklinCovey in the USA – except it appears I can buy a disc from them without them having to rip it out of a book.

Never mind. To give FranklinCovey their due, they don’t send me away with nothing. They give me an email address at Simon & Schuster, who had produced the book and DVD. I email Simon and Schuster, not very optimistically at this stage, you understand. 

Surprise! Faster than a speeding bullet the response comes back from Simon & Schuster’s customer service person, Sarah Stewart: certainly they will replace the faulty disc, no problem, could I please provide my postal address?

I could. I did.

Disc is on its way.

Great service. Cool. I like Simon & Schuster .

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