Whether it’s because I’ve been introduced to blogging by Americans mainly, or because of the way I have my Newsgator and other pheed catchers set up, I’ve only rarely been noticing links from European blogs.

So it was very agreeable today to click from an item in my Newsgator feed from Global Voices Online to the Loic Le Meur blog (with the engaging sub-title: Traditional media send messages, blogs start discussions) and then noticed a sidebar link from Loic le Meur to the European Blogosphere. This was like walking into a Aladdin’s Cave of the blogosphere, as I beheld a huge number of links for different European countries, radiating into links to specific blogs. I clicked through to the Irish blogosphere and found myself in an Irish podcasting site – Podcasting in Ireland.

Where I found this item on learning the Irish language. Amazing! I thought, as lately I’ve been thinking how interesting it would be to be able to speak and understand some at least of the language of my forefathers. Listen and learn, if you will: Learning Irish Podcast







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