A regular question on various forums and discussion groups, from people just getting into blogging, is ‘what software should I use?’. I consistently recommend the software I use, Blogware – as served by BlogHarbor (Blogware is retailed through other parties, including BlogHarbor).

A lot of people recommend Typepad and WordPress as being good for beginners. I have blogs using each of those and I still prefer BlogHarbor – admittedly part of my loyalty is because of the excellent support.

A related issue is whether it is a practical or smart move to use Blogger for business blogs, especially as it’s free.

When these questions come up, I prefer not to go into a lot of detailed discussion and I refer people to my January post on the subject – my views now are consistent with what I wrote there.

Six months on from that January report, I’ve been thinking I should post an update. So today I was delighted to read a post by Aixa Almonte at Ping Networks, linking to the new Blog Software Comparison Chart produced by the Online Journalism Review.

The chart carries the caution:

Do note that this chart reflects only standard features of the tools’ installation, and not every possible extension, plug-in modification… or hack.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see the number of ‘Yes’ boxes for Blogware in the comparison of features. And I was not really surprised to see that the Blogger column had several ‘No’ boxes for features that I now take for granted with my BlogHarbor account.

The software comparison chart complements an article by Susannah Gardner – ‘Time to check: are you using the right blogging tool?’. Yes, Blogware comes up well and BlogHarbor gets a specific mention as ‘a good reseller to start with’.

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