I don’t know that I’ve got room for another business, but I like to keep abreast of the genuine opportunities available for solopreneurs like myself. Lately, eBay has been hitting my bizop radar.

I’ve started to take notice of eBay being mentioned in various contexts, from reading about ‘The Long Tail’ to receiving an email the other day inviting me to attend a seminar where I can learn how to build a fantastic income on eBay.

Co-incidentally, I’ve been happy to discover that from a purchaser’s point of view there can be some genuinely good deals on eBay. This is obviously not news to all those regular users of eBay, both buyers and sellers.

So why did it take me so long to catch on?

I suspect that in the past I’d been turned off by the auction idea, not seeing myself as someone who would happily get into online bidding or be successful if I did, and also wondering just how good the deals would be.

In the light of a couple of recent purchases I’ve had to change my tune. What I hadn’t known was that you can buy a lot of items at a fixed – and very good – price.

First we were able to pick up a new computer with a scarcely used keyboard and monitor for a half to two-thirds of the price we would have had to pay, even through good friends who are in the business. Then I bought a desktop microphone – and was able to get the model I wanted, again at a very good price, even though the local major distributors don’t have the particular model in the country yet.

And now my friend Phil Dunn, a Fortune 100 marketing specialist,  has pinged me to let me know about the new book of which he is a co-author,