Had an email today from Brad Jasper, the new owner of BlogCatalog, about some refurbishing Brad has been doing there.

As well as taking over BlogCatalog, Brad has just launched a new blog directory, BlogTopSites.

This is part of the blurb from the How it Works page:

Blog Top Sites is a top sites directory that aims to show you the best blogs available. We have over a dozen categories to suit your tastes.

Ranking of pages is done according to the number of unique visits each blog receives in a month. Advanced anti-cheating measures are undertaken alongwith manual checking to ensure no cheating occurs.

This does not look like a ‘come one come all’ directory and the rules seem to be designed to ensure a good degree of quality control.You can register your site here. Your blog will only be ranked if you include the provided HTML code (has a button link) on your blog.

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