This is just an excerpt from a great post by Timothy Lebold. Everyone who has made the jump into being a solo entrepreneur, is contemplating a home based business, or is bored in a job, deserves to know about it:

Given that the time we spend on this earth is indeed finite, why do we spend so much time doing things that we don’t want to do? I am not talking about items like washing dishes, cleaning clothes, or paying bills, we cannot truly control those items. But what I am talking about are items like spending time in a career that we do not enjoy or being in a relationship that provides nothing but grief. I guess the simple reason is that it is just easier. It is easier not to change. It is easier not to create conflict. It is easier to do the status quo. That ease is something that made me uncomfortable in the position that I recently resigned from. I found that even though I was not looking forward to the day at the office, it sure was nice to see those paychecks hitting my bank account. It was that comfort that scared me, that forced me to something that I had always wanted to do.

Read the full post here.

Thanks to Dan Marquez and his excellent Start-Up Guide blog for this link!

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