Visiting my friend Dave Taylor’s Intuitive Life Business Blog today to read his provocative blog Why podcasts won’t help promote your business and noticed in passing that he had a link to Blogarama.

That prompted me to check my blog for my own Blogarama link and found that for some reason or none I seemed to have dropped my Blogarama link (now I remember, it was a bit of clumsy editing where I deleted several links in error ).

Anyway, as I respect Dave’s judgement about what links are more worthwhile than others, I went to the Blogarama site, where I checked to ensure my blog was still listed there. Nope. Hmmm.

Oh well, re-enter, wait for it to get approved.

Then I noticed a link ‘what happened to the Blogarama directory?’ Discovered that back in May they’d had a terminal hard disk crash and – the horror bit – 

We didn’t have a remote backup system in place (our fault) and our only backups where (sic) on the very hard disk (again our fault) that died. This resulted in a total loss of all data…

Can’t feel superior. But it’s reassuring, in a perverse kind of way, that a business with as big a profile as Blogarama can get something like data backup so wrong. Reassuring because I had the same problem myself a few months ago. The rebuilding is a painful process. Now I have a backup on another computer in our little network and also a complete backup on a remote hard disc. Through bitter experience, I have limited faith in backups on CDs.

Incidentally, Dave has some persuasive arguments for his bagging of podcasting as a business tool. My own view is a bit ‘Yes Dave, but…’ I do see value in using podcasts and, judging by the comments on Dave’s post, there is an arguable alternative view to Dave’s.

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