My Linkedin friend Paul Dube gives me a friendly serve in his Backup, Backup, Backup (and test recovery) post over on his Aligning Your Business with CLARITY blog.

As well as siding with Dave Taylor on the ‘podcasting is a fad’ argument, and therefore agin my ‘middle path’ approach, Paul feels I’ve let Blogarama off far too lightly on their lack of adequate backup.

Well, much as I respect Paul, and Dave, I’ve also heard persuasive arguments from other seasoned online business travellers, such as Andy Wibbels who runs a great Podcasting Bootcamp, on potential business benefits from podcasting. So I’m not prepared to close the door on it. Nor do I intend to risk having to say, down the track, ‘Gee, if only I’d… I coulda ….’ I’m keeping an open mind.

And as for my being soft on Blogarama, well, I don’t have shares and I have other things I want to focus on. Besides, as I mentioned in my previous post on this, I don’t have a perfect record in the backup stakes either. But Paul is right, businesses need to take backup very seriously.

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