In recent months I’ve been a more frequent user than in the past of Skype, the downloadable program that enables you to make free calls over the Internet. My main reasons for using it more these days are: a) I can see from the interface on my PC when someone is available for a call or a chat; b) my friends and colleagues and I can chat across the country or around the world for no cost other than our time.

There are now plugins that enable you to enhance the communication beyond the chat or telephony options to video conferencing, again at no charge, such as VSkype which I’ve downloaded but have not tested yet.

There are paid services, but you can get a lot without paying.

A Skype conversation with California based blogger Phil Wolff today, well actually his Friday night, my Saturday morning, has stimulated my interest in finding out more about the possibilities of Skype, as a valuable business as well as social tool. Phil is now blogging regularly for the independent online Skype Journal and there is a slew of fascinating articles there about what’s happening in the Skyposphere. And as it’s independent, they talk about the problems as well as the advantages. From what Phil told me, we’ll all be hearing a lot more about Skype in the months ahead.


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