A conversation this morning with a friend of many years – from schooldays in fact – led to talking about a publishing idea he has had for a while. We’ve talked about this before but today’s discussion was prompted by my giving him one of my new business cards that says: Business coach & blogging evangelist. He wanted to know about that and, not needing much of an excuse to talk about blogging, I gave him as concise an explanation as I could – it would have been easier if we’d been near a computer!

Some interesting possibilities came out of the conversation. Briefly: a) possibility of using a blog to establish him as an authority in a broader market than the people who know his work at present; b) possibilities for him to have, via blogging, a more interactive, multimedia delivery mechanism than just publishing in a traditional, ‘dead tree’ mode would provide, or even on CDs; c) possibility of using a blog to test his concept in the market very economically; d) the potential financial benefits (naturally  ).

We are going to talk further, but I am excited to know that I may be able to help a friend realise a dream through this amazing technology.

I drove back thinking how much potential there is in blogging for small businesses and solopreneurs to test their ideas in the market and actually bring them to market without incurring the kind of cost barriers that existed BB (before blogging). 

Blogging can also work for group collaboration. With services such as BlogHarbor, which I use for this blog,  you can restrict general access to some or all sections, which means you can have a collaborative R&D lab, so to speak, for less than $10 a month – this is the sort of thing that gets me pumped about the possibilities of blogging for creative and entrepreneurial people. It is such a liberating technology!  And then there’s the community of bloggers who are so willing to share information and ideas. Quite inspiring .

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