A little while ago there seemed to be a flurry of releases of e-books, each promising to explain the mysteries of RSS and show how you could become rich in the blink of an eye by following the particular writer or ‘guru’s’ easy steps. I have to say I resisted the blandishments, considering the demands of a few other more pressing tasks, not to mention the other downloaded but as yet unread or not yet fully read e-books/courses and the small pile of ‘dead tree’ books by my desk, awaiting my attention.

I may get around to checking out some of these books on RSS eventually. In the meantime, on Andy Henry’s Pheed Central site I’ve across a helpful, not too technical explanation of RSS and how to use it which Andy has written with a non-technical readership in mind. It’s The Dummies Guide to RSS Success – and it’s free, no catches!



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