I’ve just taken on responsibility for a Linkedin Bloggers, a Yahoo! group devoted to supporting bloggers and would-be bloggers who are members of the professional online connections service, Linkedin.

I’ve been a member of Linkedin for quite a while. Having recently started to use the service more actively, I discovered a Yahoo! group which is dedicated to helping Linkedin members connect more effectively: it’s called My Linkedin Power Forum or MLPF as we have come to call it.  The creator and  moderator of MLPF, Connecticut based master networker  Vincent Wright, explained to me on a Skype call today that the ‘power’ bit is, as is stated in the first paragraph on the home page of the site, ‘to help Linkedin users to power up their networking in order to do business better’ .

At Vincent’s initiative, a number of other Yahoo groups have been established for Linkedin members, including one devoted to blogging.

Serendipitously, I had been thinking about establishing a Yahoo! group for business bloggers and had emailed Vincent about this just as he was setting up Linkedin Bloggers! So rather than duplicating efforts, I put my hand up to take responsibility for the Linkedin Bloggers group.

The Linkedin Bloggers group’s purpose complements that of MLPF and other groups such as the Linkedin Innovators group, or LinkedInnovators, to which I also belong.

The aim is for Linkedin Bloggers to attract Linkedin members who are already experienced and even expert bloggers (my Linkedin network already includes some very well known names in the blogosphere) and also – and very importantly from my point of view – Linkedin members who are not yet blogging and want to find out more about it, how they would go about it etc, in a friendly, professional and non-hyped, setting.

And for anyone who is interested but not yet a member of Linkedin, membership of Linkedin is still formally in beta (although I think the system is very mature) and membership is currently free. Anyone in business who is interested in re-connecting with their past and current professional network and expanding it would do well to look at how Linkedin might work for them.

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