Jonathan Meath is a fellow member of the professional online social networking group, LinkedIn and has just started a new Yahoo group, LinkedInnovators, for LinkedIn members who want to get more value from their membership of LinkedIn. Having just joined Jonathan’s group I thought I should find out a bit about him and was delighted to find he has a blog – Meath Musings.

Jonathan is clearly a bit of a multimedia wiz and I noticed he has been picking up on some feeds about podcasting. His blog has a couple of very interesting posts there on podcasting, including an item More Podcast Info which links to a NY Times article by John R. Quain. Problem with NY Times articles online is that you have to be a member to get them – it’s free, but that’s still a drag for many people. So the easiest way is to read the info on Jonathan’s site.

The NY Times article is better than its lead para which says that what Paris Hilton and the Pope have in common is that they are both podcasters – good line but not strictly true in my book: Paris Hilton evidently podcasts and the Catholic Insider site, run by a Dutch priest, links to Vatican Radio podcasts, which of course would carry communications by Benedict XVI- but to say the Pope is a podcaster is a bit of journalistic licence, to put it politely.

And there I thought the NY Times was a rigorously edited journal of record – silly me! Then again, I recall a journalist friend saying once that a basic journalistic principle is ‘never let a few facts get in the way of a good story’.

Another article about podcasting I noticed on Jonathan’s blog had the title In Pod We Trust, taken from an article by Peter Day of the BBC. Until then I’d thought I’d thought I was pretty cute in thinking that headline up myself and using it in a post of mine which was actually a day later than the Beeb article, although I’d mentioned the title in an email on the same day as the Beeb article, which by the way has nothing to do with the whole ‘godcasting’ issue I was writing about. 

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