I was asked today by a colleague for a succinct statement of why businesses should think about blogging.

With the benefit of having read quite a few pundits expatiating on this, but off the top of my head – ergo very open to correction and improvement – I suggested the following main generic benefits for business:

* Having an active blog can give you better communication with your customers
* Another way to access new markets or extend your existing market
* Blogging can help personalise your company and cut through the resistance people have built up to traditional advertising, marketing and pr
* By being active in blogging, your company will have early warning when other bloggers are talking about you!

I’m not convinced that every business should get into blogging. On the other hand, and with reference especially to knowing what other bloggers are saying about you or your company, I believe business owners should know what’s happening in business blogging. I also believe the best way to understand what’s happening with blogging is to get into it yourself! So maybe it’s a smart move for any business to get involved somehow.

In the process of checking out some corporate blogs other than the much vaunted Stonyfield Farm or Microsoft’s Robert Scoble’s Scobleizer to point my colleague to, I came across a couple which I found useful as examples of big companies (as well as Microsoft) with active blogs:

Boeing Blog  and

Cisco Worldwide Government Affairs High Technology Policy Blog

One of my favourites as an example of companies attending to their niche markets also came up in my search:


GM Smallblock Engine Blog





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