Big companies have IT people to look after all the tech stuff and

figure out how to save the firm time and money. We home based business

people have to handle this ourselves. So when a smart cookie like Jim

Edwards sends me some practical tips to help me when I put my ‘IT

manager’ hat on, I take notice. In the following article Jim sent me

the other day is a handful of excellent tips to help with productivity

and save us from some unnecessary expenditure.

I particularly endorse what Jim says about AVG as an anti-virus tool at

the very convenient price of $0. I use a different map technology on my

blog from the one he recommends, but that’s because I don’t live in the



Time and Money Saving Computer Tips Everyone Can Use

      – by Jim Edwards

© Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved


As hard to believe as this may sound, sometimes the solution to a computer problem doesn’t involve spending more money.

Sometimes, the solution to your problem lies in just knowing how to do

something a little differently, or finding one of those “hidden”

solutions that usually take a week to discover.

Based on that model, the following tips should save you at least $200 and 3 weeks work! 🙂

** Free, Fast Anti-Virus **

Now I know some of the “purists” out there will barely contain

themselves from emailing me to say how they disagree with what I’m

about to write, but I know they’ll control their urges.

I own seven computers of various levels of maturity (one is

5 years old and running strong).

My oldest laptop needed a virus update, but when I installed Norton

2005, the system just couldn’t handle the weight of such a huge


Solution: log on to and download the Free edition of AVG Anti-Virus.

Much less processor intensive than the bigger anti-software players,

this program gave my old laptop adequate protection and breathing room

to perform other computing tasks besides keeping the anti-virus running.

** Use Keyboard Shortcuts **

Hit the “CTRL+Z” keys and you can almost always undo the last action taken in virtually any Windows program.

Knowing this keyboard combination has saved the life of my computer (by

not throwing it into the street) and my sanity on numerous occasions.

“CTRL+D” in Internet Explorer will instantly create a “bookmark” in

your favorites folder while “CTRL+B” enables you to organize those

bookmarks into folders.

The problem, however, arises when you want to learn all these keyboard shortcuts, especially in Microsoft Office applications.

With Microsoft Word at least, you can set up the program to display the

keyboard shortcuts whenever you hold the mouse over a button.

Got to “Tools” -“Customize” – “Options” and select the “Show Shortcut Keys In Screen Tips.”

This will cause the shortcut key combination to appear whenever available for a certain function.

** Slow Surfing? **

If your Internet Explorer starts giving you problems, you might want to clean up your “Temporary Internet Files.”

Most people don’t realize it, but when you leave a web page, it doesn’t leave you!

Most of the time you keep a copy of websites you visit on your hard drive and, over time, they build up.

Here’s one way to clear out those old files. Click your “Start” button,

then “All Programs,” “Accessories,” “System Tools” and “Disk Cleanup.”

After an initial check of your hard drive (which can take quite some

time if you’ve never used the utility), you can check the boxes of the

files you wish to delete.

To speed up your surfing, at a minimum, make sure you delete the “Temporary Internet Files.”

** Your House From Space **’s “lab” is cooking another nifty gadget for driving

directions. Log on to and get directions to virtually

any U.S. location.

What makes this tool “cool” is the “satellite” link at the top of the

page which enables you to see your destination from satellite photos

taken from outer space.

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