The way some online marketeers are going on about podcasting as the New Greatest Thing, I can imagine archaeologists from a galaxy yet unknown by us saying, sometime in the far distant future: ‘We have found that in the year 2005 AD in the planet Earth calendar, the human species worshipped a divine being named ‘Pod’, in whom they placed all their hopes and prayers for timely rain, abundant crops, overflowing prosperity and the warding off of sickness and untimely death’.

Well, maybe not.

But what is interesting in the current world theology department is that podcasting is being taken up enthusiastically by the God-botherers.

As a guest blogger over on Andy Wibbels’ EasyBakeWeblogs blog, I wrote yesterday about the stats that show podcasts, or ‘Godcasts’, of weekly sermons in Christian churches being the most downloaded category of podcasts – see Pod Rhymes With Religion.

So we have a convergence of interest of the online marketeers and the faithful.

Not having done a podcast yet and having posted recently a rather agnostic comment on the whole podcasting phenomenon, I’m nevertheless not closing my mind to the possibilities of podcasting. In fact, tomorrow I’m joining a bunch of other interested folks for a workout with Andy Wibbels Podcasting Bootcamp. Should be fun and I do expect to learn something. Maybe I’ll become a podcasting evangelist, not just a blogging evangelist!

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