An early rise for me tomorrow – 4.15 am, to take in the webcast from the Blogging Goes Mainstream event, in New York City ‘today’. The event is being put on by the Business Development Institute

and the attendees include senior execs from Fortune 500 companies as

well as ‘forward-thinking sales, marketing and public relations


Well, that’s a relief, that they were able to get the

‘forward-thinking’ ones to come. So does that mean the

backward-thinking ones were not allowed in, or that they just decided

to stay at home? 🙂

The blurb continues: ‘This special executive event will examine the

business implications of blogging and the impact this burgeoning

communication medium is having on the business landscape.’

Don’t quite know what they mean by a ‘special executive event’

other than that there will be ‘executives’ there and it will be

different from what they usually do on Tuesdays. Surely for an event

about blogging someone could have vetted the blurb language? But the

event has attracted a fair bit of

attention in the blogosphere and the lineup of speakers is reasonable

enough for me to be prepared to get up in the dark for the (free)

webcast. Hopefully I’ll learn something.

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