From my reading of other blogs and a few online discussion forums,

it seems that the Business Review Online cover story of May 2, Blogs Will Change Your Business, is being quite widely quoted and discussed.

The focus of the article is summed up in the sub-head:

‘Look past the yakkers, the hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up…or catch you later.’

In one of  the discussions about this article on a Ryze forum, a common question about blogging came up: how to find the time to do all that writing.

This pointed up for me an understandable view about blogging – that it

involves a lot of writing by the blogger. The question was also asked

as to how much money people were making from their blogs – a question

I’m finding more and more people are asking once they become aware that

others are talking about blogging for business.

On the writing

issue, there are some very well visited blogs that do not carry a lot

of *writing* by the publisher.They are more in the way of information

sources, with links to other blogs, extracts of interesting items for a

general or niche audience. So, as I say to people who ask about

this, if you don’t really see yourself as a writer, but you are an organising kind of person and like to share

things you find, you can use a blog to become a valued and trusted

source of interesting or even very helpful information, which helps your credibility in your business.

On the

‘how much are you making?’ question, I subscribe to the view that blogging for business is more of

a communications tool than a marketing one – and I acknowledge that some will not accept that distinction (works for me).

In other words, a blog can serve a very good business purpose just by

being a way of communicating and building a relationship with existing

customers and a wider readership, some of whom may become customers in

due course.

Another thing I find about blogging is that it’s a

bit like being in a club in some ways. Once you are blogging seriously, you step inside

the circle, so to speak: you are tapped into a great, global

conversation which can benefit you in lots of ways and give you quicker

access to a lot of current info that may help to give you an edge in

your field. Which surely can’t be bad for business.

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