If you’re like me and you’ve now realised that there is more to digital photography than pointing and clicking, but don’t know where to turn to find out that ‘more’, help is at hand, courtesy of the new Digital Photography in Depth blog just launched by NY/NJ photographer and digeratus, Ken Lee.

It’s a very friendly blog – which is understandable, as Ken is a friendly guy. And he writes in a light, informative style.

Lots of tips, like what to do if you need to have the camera very steady but have left your tripod at home, why it is very much not a good idea to get your sister’s amateur snapper friend to take the wedding pictures, and what to do if you are out with a bunch of friends, want a picture with you in it as well as them and are not sure you can ask a passer-by and be sure that he/she won’t abscond with your camera.

I’m feeling quite inspired to make better use of our digital camera!

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