If, whether by choice or accident (or from being a spamee), you are on the mailing list of even one internet marketing ‘guru’, you will assuredly have received at least one email, maybe many, exhorting you to start podcasting right now! if you want to achieve unbelievable success in doing business online.

I’m actually on more than one of those lists – a legacy of my months of research last year into online marketing and also a reflection of the fact that some of these characters are both ingenious and shameless in the way they make it more difficult for you to unsubscribe than to just hit the delete button when their mail arrives (and yes, I have tried to configure Outlook so that it quarantines them, but they seem to slip through nonetheless). OK, I’ve been on that hobbyhorse before, but it still irks me.

Anyhow, in any given week I see plenty of pitches for guides and tools for podcasting.

But I still haven’t taken action myself to get into podcasting.

It’s not that I’m *against* podcasting. I know some people who love it. My California-based friend and colleague, Kim Black, for example, is a keen podcaster and back in January I posted an article she had written about it.  

One reason (excuse?) I haven’t gone down the podcasting track yet is that I have an intention to post here at least once every day and haven’t yet got a perfect score on that, even when I do some catchup. Podcasting would be an extra demand on time and attention, just to do it, not to mention the learning curve.

So it would need some organising and prioritising to get into podcasting, so I haven’t treated it as anything urgently required. But I must admit that, while I’m not overly fussed about the ‘podcast now!’ exhortations and bladishments of these marketing ‘gurus’ (or as the gramatically-challenged ones are prone to write, ‘guru’s’), I have been telling myself I really need to find out more about podcasting and maybe start including some podcasts with this blog, so that I don’t miss the boat (whatever the boat ‘du jour’ happens to be).

Well today, thanks to an article I found very persuasive on John Jantsch’s excellent Blogging Business blog, amusingly titled Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Podcast, I decided to put it off a little longer. John writes:

The people who have time to listen to audio files all day long already do so. True, now they can listen on their iPod and so maybe there is value in packaging up some information that can be accessed this way but stick to your blog to really tell your story and develop your market.

Thanks John – gets me off the hook for a while yet

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