A couple of days ago I wrote this longish piece on customer service, entitled Eye Contact – A Clue to Ownership, in which I talked about the guy at the electronics store and the contrast between his welcome and his farewell. The stats showed this was the most read item by far, every day for a few days.

Well, originally it was a longish piece, several paragraphs, with a bit of philosophising by me on customer service, what it meant for people in home business, yada yada yada. Ah, thought I, seeing the stats, people must have found my observations interesting!

Wrong! Something had happened between the writing and the publishing. All that was left was the first paragraph plus one sentence.

Then I realised that the story in those few lines had really told it all. And smart readers would have figured it out – didn’t need my ‘philosophising’ to get the implications. After all, this is the *thinking* home business blog – ergo attracts thinking readers! 

So OK, I’ve got it. Keep it brief, Des.


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