A few days ago, I was feeling unsure of myself and the viability of a new product I’ve been working on. Objectively, there was no good reason to feel nervous about it and the sensible thing would have been to just keep working on the development of the project.

The product development is part of a marvellous six month coaching program I’m privileged to be part of, with a small group of other coaches and the very knowledgeable and richly experienced Richard Reardon as our guide and mentor – the 7 Step Business Success Program.

Anyway, being a bit stuck, I rang Richard in California and in ten minutes was back on track. The key message I got from Richard was to recognise that I do have a vision of what I want to achieve and to stick to that, while still recognising that ultimately the market will tell me if I was right!

This reminded me of an old saying from time to time I’ve used with clients who were feeling a pressured, or bothered by the opinions of others. The saying is: ‘If someone is on his way to market and stops to throw stones at every dog that barks, he’ll never reach his destination.’ Guess I’ll have to remember it for myself!


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