I’ve been noticing lately that a number of business owners I talk to are very quick to pick up on how blogging might be a practical and accessible way for them to communicate their message to the market.

But some of these people are used to deferring to some marketing person or company for anything to do with promoting their business.

It’s inevitable that some marketing and communications people will not be enthusiastic about supporting a client’s interest in blogging. Let’s face it, this is a relatively new use of technology and the business case results are not yet in, at least not in a totally convincing way. And how many marketing people not into blogging are going to believe instantly that something that can cost less than $15 a month might be able to help a company increase its market reach substantially?

So what resources are there for a business owner who has a belief, or even a hunch, that blogging might be a very useful tool for his or her business but needs to get the marketing and communications people on board?

My friend Ron Ball, publisher of the EFT Zone blog, has kindly drawn to my attention a neat report by a Virginia, USA company, Mount Vernon PR & Communications. The report, Blogging 101: Blog Basics for Communication and Marketing Professionals, should facilitate some constructive discussion about business blogging. At eleven pages, the report inevitably skims some issues needing more detailed examination, but it is a good start and has some good links in an appendix on communications and marketing blogs.

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