One of the several challenges faced by people in home based business is that of keeping balance. When your office and your home are in the one place, it’s easy to get into working in an imbalanced way. And all of us in home based businesses know that sometimes it’s just too easy to stay too long at the desk or computer and never give yourself time for recreation – which when you think of it as ‘re-creation’ is not some sort of indulgence or time-wasting but an essential part of living a full life.

Today, at the Your Greatest Life website of a good friend of mine and fellow coach Marije Miller, I came across her beautifully phrased set of principles on which she provides personal life coaching for people. They are:

• You deserve a life.
• You deserve to enjoy your life.
• Your life purpose doesn’t involve struggle (unless you enjoy the drama).
• Your life purpose is usually very simple. What makes it difficult are all the “restrictions” and “conditions” we put on it…

I know that sometimes people in home based business are inclined not to spend time and money on their own personal development, as in, for example, hiring a coach to help them get better balance in their lives and their business. They see it as an unnecessary expense, taking them away from what is urgent and important.

But let’s face it, as long as we’re in business (as long as we’re alive?) there will probably be things that are urgent and important. So we need to take time out on a regular basis to replenish our own resources.

And as most home based business owners are their own main resource, it surely makes sense to invest time – and money – in their own ‘re-creation’.

This is what I call the ‘inner game of home based business’. That’s a game we need to win and keep winning if the rest of it is going to work.

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