I’m currently testing the Blogjet editing tool for blogging. This works like an offline word processor – see a screenshot here.

Basically, Blogjet offers more control over what I’m doing with drafting, editing and backing up my blog posts. And the latest addition is the capacity to add audio to a post. This facility is inside the editing tool: you don’t need another plug-in or one of the web-based audio generators – see (and hear ) below.

I’ve had a little trouble getting started with the free 30 day trial and am very impressed with the rapid and personalised support I’ve had from the Blogjet guy, Dmitry. So now it’s up and running. By the way, this is the sort of free trial I like – just as with BlogHarbor, the test product is fully functional and you can test it for 30 days without having to hand over your credit card details.

Listen to Voice attachment

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