So much is automated for us these days and various services come with form letters pre-loaded. Sometimes we are sending these to friends and colleagues so we have to ask ourselves are they phrased the way we would ordinarily communicate, or are they likely to make our friends and colleagues wonder if our brains have been taken over by alien life forms?

These thoughts were prompted in part by a ‘quote of the week’ I read last week (March 29 to be precise) in the IT section of The Australian newspaper. It read:

‘If the person named on this computer-generated letter is deceased, please accept our sincere apologies.’

Stated to be from a letter sent out by a Canadian hospital to heart patients waiting for an electocardiogram. Hmmmm.

Hopefully the form letters or emails we send are not so extreme, but I always try to edit these letters or emails enough so that my friends and colleagues won’t think I’ve ‘lost it’ completely.

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