When I set up this blog on BlogHarbor’s Blogware system, I was really pleased that I could import articles I’d written on my Typepad site to this new one. So I followed the system and then thought no more about it. Wrong!

I’ve just spent the past couple of hours on a painful but necessary task, fixing the presentation of a number of those articles I imported nearly three months ago.

There were two basic problems. 

Firstly, the ‘excerpt’ system evidently works differently in the two services, so I found that in the new format the excerpt was not part of the main article. The effect of this is that if someone was reading the ‘full’ article, they had to remember what was in the excerpt, from the lead in to the article – not something to expect people to do. So I’ve been going through the articles one by one and copying the excerpt back into the main article.

Secondly, there must be some differences in the way Typepad and BlogHarbor handle their HTML editing, because a number of articles had all sorts of odd characters scattered through them, where the HTML had not imported efficiently.

I had discovered the problem when I was looking at some of the most read articles on the blog. I apologise to anyone who was trying to figure out what I was saying in some of the more severely garbled posts!

Fortunately, there is an excellent BlogHarbor feature that enables you to edit and then re-post to the original date, so the archival system remains intact.

I suspect there’s no completely foolproof system for importing from one blog platform to another. It pays to check!

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