A few days ago I posted here, drawing on an item at the Blog Business Summit site which suggested that RSS might be rather overrated as a business/marketing tool.

I was frankly not very comfortable with that view, but posted it in the interests of fair reporting, so to speak.

Then yesterday I came across a different point of view, admittedly by someone who has a book out on RSS, Rok Hrastnik. However, he argues quite cogently, in my view, that the marketers who are questioning (or dismissing!) the usefulness of RSS are showing a poor understanding of RSS.

Well worth a read. And Rok’s marketingstudies.net site has so much good information and commentary I’ve linked it to my RSS reader, even though I haven’t bought his book – yet! And I’ve just noticed another post on Rok’s site with more on the ‘RSS wars’, so I’m assuming my RSS reader will enable me to keep up with where this debate goes.

Some of the professional marketing experts might be questioning the usefulness of RSS, but I’m finding it invaluable. And I believe it’s only a matter of time before its use becomes as normal and widespread as email – hopefully without too much of the baggage of email.

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