When I posted over the weekend on FOAF – Friend of a Friend – I had obviously not discovered Foaf-a-matic, where all is explained, or at least enough to take some practical steps into foafing (or whatever the appropriate term is).

At Foaf-a-matic you can ‘describe yourself in rdf’, which is to say they have a very neat form set up in Javascript, where you fill in some basic details about yourself and then the form creates the code to make up your foaf file. You are then encouraged to upload this onto a website somewhere.

Although, as regular readers of this blog will know, there are serious limits to my technical knowledge (but I am finding I’m not alone there!), I had to fiddle a bit to get the file up in an appropriate fashion. What I did was to open WordPad, copy and paste the code into there, save it as a file with the .rdf extension as recommended, then upload it using FTP (I do know how to do that!). Actually, I saw before I copied it to the server that the file had been named by WordPad as .rdf.rtf (Rich Text Format), so I just renamed it, deleting the .rtf extension. The file is now up and I hope it’s working. Time will no doubt tell!

Anyway, if your friends have been criticising you for not having a foaf file, your worries are over – just pop over to Foaf-a-matic and get started. I’m treating it as a bit of an adventure at present.

Oh, and there’s a Yahoo group that comes with free entry into this foaf circle. They tell you all about that too at Foaf-a-matic.

Will this help my visitor rates, page ranking etc? I don’t know. I got onto Foaf-a-matic when I signed up for Syndic8, which was recommended by one of the search engines, Google I think, as a way of getting noticed by them – but that’s another post.

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