What if you loved blogging, as I do, and you could get paid for it? I know it’s possible and that’s part of the reasoning behind the establishment of Pro-Bloggers Association .

But is there a market for people with blogging skills? Well, from a link I picked up today there is at least one website – indeed.com – which today lists 543 employment opportunities for bloggers or people with blogging skills/knowledge. More of a ripple offshore than a big wave at present, I would think – one job that suggested a remuneration of $100,000 p.a. turned out to be commission only.

They have an RSS feed from the site so all the keen bloggers out there can get instant alerts when new positions are listed on Indeed.

Early days, but promising signs, I would say, for bloggers who would like to get paid for doing what they love!

No doubt some or maybe many of these positions (I haven’t checked in detail) require the person to be located physically in an office away from their home, but in an era when web designers and virtual assistants can provide services over sometimes huge distances, there has to be a market emerging here for bloggers who want a home based business they really love.

The link to the site comes courtesy of a post on Blog Business World, which in turn thanks the indefatigable Steve Rubel at Micropersuasion: Steve actually points out that some at least of the jobs are more for ‘thinking about blogging’ than actually doing it. Cool. Meta Blogging, anyone?

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