After a recent hard disc meltdown, a few re-installs have given me some headaches, especially trying to re-install RSS Reader, on which I rely for my more than once day fix of interesting blog posts. (For the technically minded it was a problem of my not having the correct version of .Net Framework installed.) There are lots of other newsfeed readers of course, including Bloglines which I really like. But I like RSS Reader too, especially.

So once I’d got some help and re-installed RSS Reader, I was very pleased to being able to check out my favourite feeds again. And today I was rewarded with a post from Paul Chaney at Radiant Marketing about the Blogging Business blog that John Jantsch, of Duct Tape Marketing fame, has set up.

John’s blog has some great posts, very clear, very helpful. For example, there is a post today about Yahoo’s new venture into the blogosphere, an about to be launched service that aims to tap into the blogging market in a big way. I’d read about this in the newspaper this morning, so it was good to have the comments of serious blogger like John.

There is also a very concise, clear post about using keywords in your blog.

I could go on – so much good stuff. Now linked to my RSS Reader directly!


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