Unless you know how, it can be quite frustrating trying to install in your RSS reader the correct link from a Typepad site. I first learned this from trying to collect the link from a Typepad site of my own.

What happens is that if you left-click on the RSS or XML button or the ‘Syndicate this site’ text, you get a pop-up window which gives you just the filename, not the whole url link.

So here’s what I found you can do (for the sake of this exercise I’m using RSS Reader ((hint – it’s free and user-friendly)), but the principles should apply generally). Right click on the button or text as the case may be, then left click Create Shortcut or Copy Link Location, then open your RSS reader or similar software/website and paste the link into the box provided for adding a link.

Hope this helps someone – took me ages to work it out. Sometimes I do wish I was more of a tech head.



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