Let’s face it, not everyone wants to have a home based business – and it’s probably fair to say that not everyone’s cut out for it.

And even with the old notion of ‘long term job security’ being just that – old – there are still a lot of advantages in having a job, if you can get one and you are suited to it. Why try and run a business, from home or from anywhere, if your heart’s not in it?

For anyone who is mature, with good experience and looking to get back into the regular workforce, or to not leave it but progress in their employed career, I recommend fellow Ryzer Bill Vick’s blog – Employment Digest: News for experienced executives and technologists.

The articles Bill sources are the sort of information and commentary that is useful for executive recruiters (Bill is one himself), business and personal coaches, trainers and others who interact with and provide services for people in the executive field – whether currently employed or not.

Bill obviously has a good eye for interesting stories and a gift for providing a succinct, useful digest, with links to the source articles. And in this day of total information overload, I’m all for well-produced digests in fields I’m interested in.

Recent articles have included The Seven Day Job Search and Ten Reasons Why Blogging Is Good For Your Career.



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