More than one other blog has picked up on the MarketingSherpa case study  headed 7 Practical Tactics to Turn Your Blog into a Sales Machine .

The study features blogger John Mudd, a Florida real estate agent who has evidently had great sales success,  which he apparently attributes in significant part to his blogging. His recommended tactics if you are blogging for sales are:

* Seed your blog posts with keywords
* Report exclusive news and insight
* You don’t need to blog daily
* Add easy contact links to every single post
* Jump on incoming leads super-swiftly
* Measure by qualified prospects, not total traffic
* Blog elsewhere

While I found the article quite fascinating and can see how I could use some of the tactics to good effect, the overall impression I had was that this is a very utilitarian approach to blogging – not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I found the approach less than inspiring. 

To single out one of the rules – You don’t need to blog daily – for a closer look, the article makes it clear that this is in the context of getting good page rankings with search engines.

For me, blogging daily or at least on average daily is a good discipline and keeps me on the lookout for interesting items, such as the one in question, to report or comment on. If I don’t blog daily or on average daily, I know that the blog can slip down the list of my priorities and I don’t want that to happen. Why? A few reasons, but uppermost are that a) this blog is a key part of my marketing strategy, b) as mentioned, blogging daily or almost means it’s a habit and thus easier to make sure it’s done, c) it helps keep me mentally ‘on my toes’!

So for me, blog daily is a good rule. Do I need to have it as a ‘tactic’?

I see so many blogs around where the blogger started out with great ambitions and then the postings become fewer and farther between and eventually stopped. I wonder how many thought, I’m too busy just now, I’ll blog on the weekend, and then the weekend intervened with other plans? Actually, now that I think of it, some of those blogs are ones I started. I know that of which I write!

For people who have the discipline to blog on a less frequent basis than every day, but still want to have a commercially successful blog, I would think it’s a good idea to blog at least once a week. Which is apparently about what John Mudd does.

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