At Snapper Rocks, just off the beach where I walk and swim most mornings, there is a major event in progress – the Quicksilver pro surfing championships. I’m not a board surfer and I really don’t know much about the finer points of the game, but it was a real temptation last weekend to drop the work I’d promised myself I’d do and head for the beach. I resisted the temptation.

So what does this have to do with home based business? Well, it’s basically about the fact that being in home based business is fundamentally no different from other businesses and there are times when you have to keep working, even though no one other than you has to decide. Sometimes you just have to work on, no matter what the distraction. And that applies even when there is a very funny and ultimately successful* attempt being made at a world record, not more than ten minutes from where you live.

I’d seen the world’s largest surfboard being delivered to the beach on a semi-trailer a couple of mornings before. And I took another pic of it today just to see what it looks like up close. It’s big, and at a cost of $50,000 not cheap to build. Big as it is, you can see that having 47 people on it, plowing through the surf, was probably not a cakewalk.

I have to admit it wasn’t all deprivation, my sticking to my work and not heading for the beach to watch the record attempt live and mingle with the crowd in carnival atmosphere on the beach. I knew there was a carnival-atmosphere crowd scene on the beach because the wonders of webcam and a live transmission from the beach meant that I was able to have another computer running the whole event in live colour and action, with commentary, while I kept working.

But I think I’ll probably not be able to get through the week without playing hooky one afternoon to go and watch the surfing champs do their thing live off Snapper Rocks!

And in the meantime I’ll figure out how to do a word wrap with the pics

* ‘ultimately successful’ in the sense that they actually did it and are evidently confident that the Guinness people will recognise it as a new world record.

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