My friend Bala Pillai, networker extraordinaire and consummate futurist, pointed me to Intelliseek’s BlogPulse, which I had not previously come across. BlogPulse describes itself as ‘an automated trend discovery system for blogs and a portal into the blogosphere’. It’s not a site you can easily leave. For anyone interested in knowing the leading conversations in the blogosphere, BlogPulse has fascinating information and awesome trend graphs.

You can also create your own trend graph by inserting your chosen keywords in the onsite tool. I used the following: business blogging, home based business, RSS. No surprise that business blogging has been linked more often than home based business, but what I was interested to see was that RSS has lately been linked much more than business blogging.

There are lots of other items to instruct and entertain, including an overview of what the main topics and most visited blogs were in 2004 and analysis, with graphs, of blogging about the Asian Tsunami. 

You can also get totally sidetracked from any serious research you set out to do. For example, I now know that the top four leading ‘personalities’ mentioned on blogs on March 1, were – in order – Harry Potter, Johnny Depp, Chris Rock and Michael Jackson.

And did you know that the most commonly used phrase in blogs on March 1 was ‘today is March 1st’?

OK, some of the information is not going to get you wildly excited and may not help your business directly, but whatever your interests, the site is worth a visit –

Incidentally, I liked that BlogPulse uses the spelling ‘blogosphere’, which I’ve been using, not the ‘blogsphere’ version I’ve noticed in the past few days. Then just to reassure myself, I used the BlogPulse trend tool to create a graph for the use of the two terms over time. I was pleased to see that ‘blogosphere’ is outstandingly the term of choice for bloggers.

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