A colleague asked yesterday could he come over and have me show him how to get into blogging and I realised that although there are so many things I really want to know about blogging, RSS, trackbacks, and so on, I have actually acquired quite a bit of knowledge in the one and a half years or so I’ve been blogging.

Because I love blogging and see lots of potential delights and benefits for some of my friends who are also in business, I find myself giving little speeches about blogging over lunches, dinners and so on. I think it’s time for me to put some of this stuff into a plain English, practical guide for first time bloggers.

I’m encouraged to do this because I received an email from someone who said he’d found my posts here on my own blogging platform odyssey very helpful. So I figure that maybe there are other people out there in cyberspace who would like to be bloggers and are not sure where to start or the steps to take.

This will be strictly a non-technical guide – necessarily so, because I’m no techie. And it will point to other resources for people who want more information, as they inevitably will once they get into it!

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of being able to help some people speed up the learning process so they can get into the real heart of blogging – i.e. writing, creating content – and not be blocked by technology jargon or other such obstacles.

I welcome any suggestions, by comment or direct email, to point me to practical resources I might link to in the work I’m about to create.



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