In an email interview recently, fellow coach and blogger Patsi Krakoff – CoachEzinesBlog – asked me what my greatest mistake had been so far in business blogging.

Recovering fairly quickly from the instinctive “what do you mean, ‘mistake’? – me?” I replied that what  I would prefer to call my greatest ‘learning experience’ has been in not setting up and maintaining a routine for posting.

This has meant that, while in my head I was posting once a day or thereabouts, the stats revealed that I was actually posting only about every second day on average and sometimes I was letting two or three days pass without blogging.

I know that I get increased traffic on some days that I post, so I figure it is common sense to post more regularly and more often.

It’s not about putting myself under pressure. In fact, I’ve figured out that if I see myself posting on a daily basis, that will in fact take the pressure off. At present I tend to think, what am I going to post about? When in fact there are myriad things to post about. So once it’s a daily routine, I will probably find it easier to do and will probably write more spontaneously and thus hopefully more interestingly and usefully for others.



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