I was speaking the other day with a colleague about how important courage is in setting up and continuing with a home based business – more than important, essential.

My colleague said that through his work he meets a lot of people who are looking to make a change in their lives and this often means they are considering leaving the corporate world and establishing their own business, initially at least from home. He said courage is an issue that comes up for quite a few of these people.

I said it was my perception that people who write books about home based business, or have websites or blogs devoted to this subject seem not to write about courage, or not much. For example, in one otherwise excellent, 41 page guide for people setting up a home based business The Business Plan for Home Based Business, I could find only one mention of courage, a fleeting reference in one line of a checklist.

The need for courage for someone thinking about walking away from a highly paid, prestigious corporate position to set up a heavy duty consultancy from home is probably clear enough. But in my experience and observation there is also a serious need for courage for people with more modest ambition, such as the person wanting a sideline business from home to supplement the family income. In each case, she or he is staking something of their reputation, their self esteem and probably a greater or lesser part of their financial capital, on the new venture being a success.

I’ve written about this in my Thinking Home Business Insider ezine, just published, under the title – I Never Thought I’d Be Learning from The Donald – about how the person setting up a home based business needs real courage, just as a high stakes guy like Donald Trump does. (You can read this and other items by subscribing to receive Thinking Home Business Insider in your email and/or by RSS – soon!)

I think there should be courage awards issued from time to time for people who have made the move to establish a home based business and have held fast to their vision and created a success of that business. If you know of any awards of this kind or similar, please leave a comment here.

And just in case you did not click on the link above for “courage”, the link is to a fascinating Wikipedia entry on the topic of courage – with other links embedded that might quite easily distract you as much as they have me.

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