Having been unable to raise the scratch to pay for a fare to Seattle, WA for the Blog Business Summit in January this year, I was interested, nay, mildly excited, to find that there was to be an Australian Blogging Conference in Melbourne, a very gracious (if often cold and wet) city several hundred miles south of where I live, in February.


I registered my interest enthusiastically and awaited the inevitable (?) barrage of emails/ rss feeds about the conference. Well, we are now into the first week of February and the latest entry on the heralded conference site is December 10, 2004. Why do I think this conference might not actually happen? And of course the fact that my emails to the organisers have gone unanswered has nothing to do with my scepticism.

Anyhow, I do not expect to be going to Melbourne in a couple of weeks from now (back in December they were not even sure which weekend the conference would be).

But not to be downhearted, I decided to explore further about the state of blogging downunder. Not a huge amount to report, I have to say, but there are a few interesting items.

First, and probably not for the fainthearted in matters of language, sex and politics, there are the Aussie Blogs Awards  - 2005 results. I could not find a lot to get excited about in the winning sites, but then I'm not really into "yoof" culture, the indiscriminate use of vulgar language or lashings of gross sexual imagery to make an "intellectual" point. I could not see much sign that business blogging was getting a look in at these awards. It seemed to me from looking at the prizewinning blogs that being provocative, culturally/politically (left or right did not seem to matter) was a big winner in the voting.

Some interesting items emerged nevertheless: for example, did you know that Australian internet users are more narcissistic than their US counterparts? Evidently, according to the report in the Australian award winning blog The Spin Starts Here .

It’s definitely a mixed scene. Australian Anthony Hicks, who it appears has recently departed these sunny shores, was an early and recent recorder of Aussie blog activity – check the http://aussieblogs.org site. He has some statistics on the number of Australian blogs - make of them what you will.

For anyone who is actually interested in where blogging might be in this great south land, there was a good review in Blog Herald for Australia Day (January 26), which basically covers what’s above, with a couple of additions.


On the business blogging front in this part of the world, I could not find anything to get excited about. A review of Australian business blogging on the CIO website and headed, rather imaginatively "Blogging for Fun and Profit" (Pakii Pierce where are you?) indicated that the general attitude of corporate Australia was "not interested just now, mate, too busy".

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