One of the good things about living in Sydney was that, at least from the 2000 Olympics on, people around the world had some idea where I was located. Since we moved a few hundred miles north to the beautiful Gold Coast/Tweed Coast area, explaining where I am has been more of a challenge.

But no more. All I have to do now is get people to visit this blog and click on the Multimap button over in the right hand sidebar and they can see a map of the island I live on and then zoom out to get progressively bigger views of the area. Try it! (Update: I haven’t used the Multimap tool for a while – Google Maps have sort of taken over.)

Not sure how I found this, but there’s a detailed explanation of what to do to map your blog at the Clagnut blog. Evidently this tool has been provided on the initiative of a Multimap employee. Cool! Let’s hope the company likes it and rewards him!

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