Like many people in the online business world, I’m probably on more mailing lists than are good for me: hold on, delete “probably”, insert “definitely”. But how do I know that if I cancel a specific subscription I won’t miss out on a great business tip or opportunity tomorrow? I don’t. So I kill some subscriptions where the content or approach is too far from my objectives and values to make sense. Others are filed automatically in separate directories and I scan them in a batch occasionally. And of course there are those I love getting, where the writer always – or nearly always – has something to say which will brighten my day and give me a new angle or two. A shining example of this is Jim Edwards.

By the way, every now and again in this blog I include a shameless plug for products I’ve found personally useful and profitable. This is one of those occasions. But I promise you I’ll be brief  I just need to tell you about Jim and one of the many great guides he has produced to help people like me wanting to make a go of business in the online world.

Jim is a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to marketing, online and offline, and I always read his emails the same day, even when I’m rushed for time. One way in which his emails stand out from the crowd is that they are elegant in their use of the English language, which for me as a former English teacher is a huge plus. When I say “elegant” that’s a compliment. I don’t mean elegant as in “prissy”. I mean elegant the way a great athlete in full flight is elegant – a joy to watch, nothing superfluous, nothing wasted. I don’t mean that I sit there reading and admiring the elegance of Jim’s writing – his is “the art that conceals art”.

Recognising the elegance is more a reflective thing. While I’m reading, I’m actually caught up in the story Jim is telling. He is a great story teller and he’s hugely entertaining in real life as well as in the virtual mode. I had the good fortune to meet Jim in Sydney last year and he struck me as the sort of guy you would be happy to hang out with – no pretension, no arrogance, in spite of his success. That’s part of why I later bought his course, Turn Words into Traffic. There are so many e-books and e-courses out there, and so many people telling you theirs is the best, I’m really wary about whatever I buy and about the likely return on investment. And it may be an old-fashioned thing, but I like to like and respect the people I do business with, including buying their books and courses. Turn Words into Traffic is no disappointment. It’s a resource I value and profit from and is worth a lot more than what Jim charges for it.

The regular, entertaining and elegant emails are a bonus, at no extra charge. Nice!

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