(Note from site owner. This post is a copy of the post of the same name and – apart from this paragraph – same content, dated January 26, 2005. At some point, date stamps for this post and a few others varied by a digit, so links to this url have been returning an error message for Google.)

It’s been a couple of days of challenges on the email front. First we had a message from our ISP that one of our sites was about to be taken down because of a fierce spam attack on the mail server. The report, perhaps not remarkable to technical people who see these things all the time, was pretty weird to my eyes: there were all these fake email addresses based on our url.When we got in touch with tech manager at our ISP, the ISP agreed to hold off for a little and then the volume of spam started to decline, so in the event our website was not taken down, the related email addresses still functioned.

Part of my challenge with email is that I have too many email addresses, from different business activities. Consistent branding is one thing, sorting emails is another. So I’m cutting down the number of operative emails.

I’ve thought about putting an email on this blog and have hesitated, mainly because of the spamming thing. I notice that fewer and fewer people and companies are putting their email addresses on their web or blog space. At the same time, I do like the immediacy of being able to email and be emailed, without filling out forms etc.

One option was to do the fake email thing, as in <yourname “at” yourdomain.com> and ask people to replace the “at” with @ Reasonable, but the drawback I see is that most people online these days are so used to hyperlinks that people just want to click and go. Well, in the last week I scored a gmail address – [email protected] , so I’ve put that up on the blog. I see that it does have ads, but hopefully they won’t be intrusive.

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