I get enthusiastic about some things in the applied technology field, particularly when I seem them as helping people communicate more effectively and do business more successfully. For example, blogging. But I need to recognise that some people won’t share my enthusiasm.

So when I’m enthusing about blogging and its potential for the home based entrepreneur to grow great networks and improve the reach of her or his business, I need to watch for the tell-tale signs – eyes glazing over, head nodding, shifting in the seat.

The fact is, not everyone is going to grok blogging. I wouldn’t have used the word “grok” except that I’ve always liked it and I saw it the other day in a current post on some blog – maybe that’s about as believable as a sighting of a Yowie or a Tasmanian tiger –  but I’m sure I saw it.

OK, so what’s “to grok”?  In brief, this word which was a geek word but was used more widely in the 1990’s, means to understand completely, or rather to understand intuitively, to “grasp”. That’s not the same thing as being an “expert”. It’s more, as we would say, “Oh, I get it!” or “S/he gets it!” There is a fuller Wikipedia definition and fascinating explanation of origin here.

So lately I’ve found myself talking to people about blogging, and I’m getting excited and talking about the bliss of blogging and I’m noticing that there are some who want to know more and others who are wondering whose turn it is to buy a drink.

Of the people who listen, some are simply curious. Others are curious enough to want to actually *try* blogging. One of my resolutions for the New Year is to focus my enthusiasm on the ones who are curious enough to give it a go. Sooner or later some of them will grok it – but that’s more likely to come from doing than from reading or hearing about it. 

My friend and fellow coach Andy Wibbels has an excellent free intro to his blogging book and course at his EasyBakeWeblogs site. I did the course and it gave me the knowledge, insight and tools to get into serious (and fun!) blogging. He’s a techhead, I’m not – no problem, he’s a great explainer and patient with it.

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