My friend and coaching colleague, Kim Black, who unlike me is very technically savvy, has a great blog – Agile Business Navigator – and has lately been writing about the new craze of podcasting.

There’s a definition of podcasting at Wikipedia. The name podcasting is derived from the Apple iPod but – this was a helpful clarification for me, not having an iPod – you don’t need an iPod to use it. And there is a play on “broadcasting” and “webcasting”.

However, as I understand it from reading the above-referenced Wikipedia entry, podcasting is a ‘pull’ technology, with the listener initiating a download, rather than the ‘push’ approach inherent in broadcasting and webcasting.

I still don’t pretend to reallly understand it, but it sounds interesting, given what Kim has to say in the following article, reproduced here with her permission.


Are You Listening?

by Kim Black

I’ve been having lots of fun with podcasting. Its interesting to note how people have been investigating how it can be used to make money. I’m sure advertising is an easy application, but there are others. How could you use Podcasting in your business?

1. Make an internet based radio show for wide consumption.

2. Make a specific show tailored just for your clients. Sort of like a delayed broadcast teleclass.

3. Have a book you’d like to talk about? Make a podcast that gives the flavor of one of your chapters.

4. Do you have a product that you’d like to promote? Note, you shouldn’t attempt to sell, advertise or actually promote the product in the cast. Instead talk about the problem and how your product solves it.

5. Give them something useful, a tidbit of info that only you can offer. If you’re a real estate agent, you might give them your latest listing description.

If you’re a a dentist, it might be a quick tip on how to avoid cavities.

6. Interviews are widely used because they’re an easy format to produce. You don’t need lots of equipment. A phone and a method of recording the content. A person you’d like to interview. Don’t script it too much. Just outline what you’d like to talk about and go for it.

7. Have fun with podcasting. If you aren’t the type who enjoys talking, you may not enjoy the podcasting model. But who knows, you just mine find it as interesting as I do.

I’m interested enough to continue the investigation. How about you? Are you listening?


Kimberly Black

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