I found a new barber today and was very pleased. He did a better job than the previous one and at a much better price.

Until a week before Christmas I had no intention of looking for a new barber. I don’t have that much hair to worry about and the man I was going to seemed competent enough. But he was unaccountably rude to me when I spoke to him one day in the mall – peevish and irritable rather than insulting, but it annoyed me. So because I now felt uncomfortable with this man, I went looking for another barber.

I’m blogging this because for any business, whether home based or more grand, there are usually competitors out there quite happy to take our customers. It doesn’t make sense to drive them away just because we are feeling a bit down on the world on a particular day. Much better to go to the gym and work it off, go for a walk.

Discourtesy slams the door on the work we’ve done to build a customer relationship. But courtesy is, as the Italians say, a golden key that opens every door. In life, so too in business.




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