In my continuing search for the blogging platform which will provide excellent functionality and be easy to manage without my having to learn programming skills that I do not have the inclination or time to learn, I’ve now trialled the Blogware blogging platform with a couple of different distributors/resellers, Lockergnome and BlogHarbor.

As indicated in a previous post I was very impressed with a comparison of Blogware and Typepad by Kathleen Gilroy.

At first, trying to set up a new blog at my free trial Lockergnome account, I was frustrated and when I tried to access a discussion board to get help found it was not currently available. Also the manual that was available seemed not to have the info I needed. Then I noticed in a post from blogging maestro T.L (“Thomas”) Pakii Pierce that he was using BlogHarbor. Aha! I said, that’s one of the Blogware resellers I passed over. So I emailed Thomas with some questions and emailed Support at BlogHarbor and got a set of very helpful comments from Thomas and a personal response from John Keegan, the main man at BlogHarbor. I was very impressed and have now exported all the past posts from here to my new Thinking Home Business blog (currently still a trial site and with a longish and soon to be simplified url). Since then I’ve been impressed also with the level and currency of information and helpfulness on the BlogHarbor community discussion board.

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