I realised after reading a blog a week or so ago by – I think – Kathleen Gilroy that one of the implications of moving a blog to a new platform is that you can lose search engine rankings if you are changing urls, as you do if you accept the ‘default’ url provided by the new blog hosting service.

As Thinking Home Business seems to be getting picked up well – with various search terms – by Google and Yahoo! – I don’t want to waste that. So for the time being I’ll keep the Typepad account open, but using the Basic config because I don’t need the Pro I’ve been paying for and this will be a mirror site. I still come out about $3 a month better off! But if you wanted to have multiple blogs on the one account, as I thought originally I would like, then the Typepad Pro deal is very good indeed.

I acknowledge Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing, who has moved his base from Typepad to Squarespace, for the idea of mirroring.

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