Had a response from Typepad support which goes some way to solving the problem of what happens when you click on the RSS or XML buttons.

My concern was that when I left clicked (as I do for RSS/XML buttons on other blogs) I got a Windows Explorer File Download window asking did I want to save the file and just giving me the file name, not the RSS feed url.

Here’s the relevant part of Typepad support’s response:

I checked with our team to find out why this happens, and apparently it’s because our servers identify the .rdf files differently.

Either way, they’re actually not supposed to be displayed in a browser window.

To access your feeds, people can right click the button, and copy the URL.

  • In Internet Explorer, right click the picture Copy Shortcut
  • In Mozilla Firefox, right click the picture and Copy Link Location

It works, but you need to know the system. After you do ‘Copy Shortcut’ you go to your newsfeed software/site and click on Add or the equivalent. With RSS Reader, the RSS code drops straight in without your having to do a conscious Paste action. With Bloglines you actually have to paste into the box.

It all seems a bit counter-intuitive and not totally user friendly to me, but I appreciated getting a thoughtful human response!

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