I have to say that I was very optimistic about Blogware after reading Kathy Gilroy’s blog, comparing Typepad and Blogware and plumping for Blogware as a preferred platform.

Of the various re-sellers of Blogware, listed on their site, I went with Lockergnome, mainly because there is a human being behind it, Chris Pirillo the Lockergnome himself and who has his own, distinctive blog.

I’m not convinced that Blogware is the solution, although I am open to being convinced.I’ve just posted the following, expressing my frustration and asking for help, on the Problemsolvers section of Lockergnome’s Forums:


I don’t know if this is the right forum, but I’m trying to get a Blogware trial site up and running and can’t find some really basic info in the 546 page user manual. And the support network is closed at present. Also the user manual graphics do not seem to match the ones on site.
Oh, that one day a user manual could be written, or at least edited, by someone who is not a techno wiz and for whom some “basic” things are not self-evident!
What I want to do is really simple. I want to find the RSS link for this blog and then display it as a syndication link, preferably with an RSS button. The control panel does not help either.
I look at Chris Pirillo’s blog and am in awe.
Am I maybe too optimistic about what Blogware can do at this stage? Should I stick with Typepad in spite of my frustrations with Typepad?

I really want to get on with blogging and not have to be concerned about the technology – after all, that’s the theory isn’t it, that the technology enables you to post instantly and effectively without having to think about anything other than the words? Well, not quite, in my experience.

What about Blogger? There’s a long story and a short story. Again, for me there are limitations in what I can do with Blogger, although I acknowledge that it’s a great way to start and if you are not blogging for business it could be quite ok to continue, especially as it’s free! But like my mentor Andy Wibbels of Easy Bake Weblogs fame, I currently recommend that people kick off with Typepad if they want a professional looking site and are not techies.

From my conversations with other people who hadn’t previously heard about blogging as a possible business tool and for whom RSS and such are still unknown or opaque, I know it’s not just me wanting a transparent, truly turnkey solution for blogging. i don’t believe it’s here yet. I will keep searching and asking, then I will be happy to tell the world – or as much of the world as I can contact!

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